Yes, you are welcome to do it!
We accept payments from all major credit card providers.

Yes, we accept wire transfers from all major banks.

We focus on the current market rate and the liquidity providers of large exchanges so that you can exchange cryptocurrencies at the most favourable rate for you.

Yes, we have 6% fees for wire transfers and 11% for credit card exchanges.

It depends on the overall crypto market activity.
In brief, transaction approval is fast and the maximum time for providing the transaction is no more than 5 business days.

We follow strict regulatory requirements, so we must review the details of each transfer before the bank approves it.

Unfortunately, no. If you are not ready to pass the whole Master’s KYC checklist, we offer you to start with a Beginner’s registration that requires only a phone number and email to verify you. In that case, you can buy/sell up to 500 Euros per transaction.

Yes, the more information you provide during registration, the faster you can get your cryptocurrency!