How to get your crypto investments portfolio in order in 2022

As we have noticed earlier, it is not a good idea to risk by investing in dubious cryptos. Yet there are some tips you can use to provide your investment routines with a guarantee of safety. We’ll gladly share them with you.

  • Keep a balance – investing in Ethereum will not give you plus x10, but the likelihood of going minus x10 is lower.
  • Decide for yourself how much you are willing to risk in crypto. You can determine the portfolio distribution yourself. Whether to add any coin to your portfolio and what quantity is up to you.
  • Remember to allocate the portfolio for different situations. Leave room for classics like Bitcoin and other stable coins.
  • Bitcoin in the investor’s portfolio acts as an indicator as it is not as volatile as altcoins. If a crypto winter awaits us in 2022, it is logical to bet on the growth of BTCDOM at all.
  • Stable coins in the portfolio are not about growth but safety. They allow you to invest on drawdowns and give you confidence that you will have savings.
  • But there are risks when investing in stables (especially USDT). Better use several options for stables on different platforms (USDT, BUSD, TUSD).
  • Choose the reliable exchange to provide transactions in crypto. On our platform, you’ll be safe and get the maximum profit from every transaction.

We hope these tips will be useful for you and your investment portfolio.


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