Top new cryptos you should invest in 2022

Cryptos are developing rapidly year by year. In 2022, we are waiting for many challenging events in the cryptocurrency market. And along with them, there are several new coins you should consider so not to miss your profit. 

Here is the list of them for you!

  • GTM coin. That is a new Ukrainian project that works at the junction of medicine, science, and cryptocurrencies. It is both an online and offline project that also increases its reliability.
  • DOT coin. The project is focused on creating a para chain network working in the Web 3.0 segment. Polkadot is one of the “ether killers” that is unlikely to become a killer but still carve a niche in 2022.
  • Filecoin. That is the result of the FIL startup, a decentralised data storage platform. FIL’s outlook is on the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies and cloud storage and the possibility of passive income. You can provide your power (free disk space) and earn it.
  • XPR is also called the cryptocurrency for banks. It sounds strange, but the project has long been kept afloat due to the working product. The entire period of its existence lends itself to criticism for the centralisation of the system. This crypto is contrary to the ideas of crypto but is at the top.

By the way, you can try buying/selling XPR on our platform. So you have a great perspective on it. 


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